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The ConferenceSupport system is provided in the SaaS mode (Software as a Service). This means that our subscribers do not need to invest in their own servers, buying a licence or building their web site. All these elements can be leased out for the duration of the event, along with a professional service team. The duration of providing the service isn't limited to the time of the conference itself. The decicated conference website may be available for weeks prior and after the event takes place.

ConferenceSupport provides the following:

A dedicated conference website, containing easy tools of managing its contents (CMS), allowing specifying the event's description, its agenda, the list of speakers, times and dates, along with locations (with a map).

A user-defined registration form, containing:
  • contact data;
  • company information;
  • additional information about the user/the company;
  • an option of logging into the conference website;
  • participation e-payments;
  • multimedia promotional materials;
  • a tool to manage e-correspondence with conference participants;
  • a conference video coverage as a post-event webcast;
  • an interactive online meeting scheduler - a one-to-one meeting, business matching service.

An elaborate conference sponsors promotional campaign

Social and PR activities

Post-conference support:

  • lead-generating programs;
  • creating social forums, activating users and groups interested in the conference topics;
  • reports for participants.

Webinar and online video transmission support

More at:  http://conferencesupport.pl/en-us/
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