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LeCO - Logistics & eCommerce Online (Online Supermarket)
Shopping online becomes more and more popular, which marks a sharp increase in the amount of web-based retailers. Customers appreciate the convenience, as well as a simplified mechanism of placing orders. All one needs to do is to find a product, add it to a virtual basket, click the "buy" button and a courier will deliver the goods to the doorstep, in a specified time frame.

It may seem easy on the outside, but the whole process is far more complex and requires an efficient order processing management, stock checks, dispatch and delivery control, to name a few. BCS offers one of the most advanced solutions for online retailers, guaranteed to meet most rigorous demands and assuring a swift service to your clients.

One of our clients - Fresh24 - is an innovative online supermarket, offering "one-click shopping", for whom we developed not only an online shopping system, but also a stock management mechanism, as well as a mobile suppliers liason platform. 

The e-market management and support system allows elaborate processing of each order.
The client has following options:
  • searching products by simplified product category changes and viewing their content;
  • creating a shopping list, based on products currently in the basket;
  • managing shopping lists (adding, removing, modifying the content, setting time to generate an order, based on the shopping list);
  • defining delivery options (choosing delivery location, cost calculation, setting time of delivery, choosing payment method);
  • access to all personal data, the shopping history in particular;
  • browsing through cooking recipes, with a functionality of adding all required products to the basket automatically.

Online supermarket offers many useful functionalities, that allow a prompt and effortless order processing.

The complex task of transaction processing, from placing an order to stock check and courier dispatch, is based on following elements:
  • a portal managing the logistics, the stock and products, by assuring the optimal supplies level. The module assists the process by controlling order progress, cooperating with mobile devices and suggesting most convenient product locations;
  • Logistics Module, assisting in managing the central warehouse supplies. The module automatically generates lists of required products, along with the name and location of the desired supplier. It also includes a supplier support mobile app and a bridge app, allowing communication with supplier's systems, which in turn allows automatisation of order placing and processing;
  • the Delivery Module assures optimal delivery route planning, order completion and delivery times control, through shopping bags marking and supplying drivers with mobile devices.;
  • the Admin Portal provides efficient store management tools, allowing full control over all system users, client personal data, suppliers, drivers, product categories etc. The module support the merchant in all internal processes, required to maintain the enterprise;
  • the Client Portal allows straightforward and effortless shopping.
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